Reach financial freedom!

Why is it that some people earn enough money by thirty to never have to work again and some
people continue working until they die? Because the people that have the money know
the rules of the game.

Wealth Mastery™ is all about learning the rules of the game so that you can create financial freedom for yourself and your family as well as have the skills to
grow a business that positively affects the community


The Entrepreneurial Spirit

To become financially free you need to build yourself a spirit within that is in alignment with your goal.

By modelling the beliefs, values and strategies of other financially free people you too can have the results that they have.

Day 1 is all about breaking down the obstacles WITHIN YOU that are stopping you taking action and moving into a future of wealth and abundance.

Business Breakthrough

Day 2 is all about business!! For those that own or want to start businesses this will be a day you will never forget!

We will not only be going over business plans from start to finish, but we will also be conducting business breakthroughs for those people that aren’t getting the results they want from their business!

Knowing the ins and outs of business is crucial for anyone wanting financial freedom!

Investing For Your Future

The most formidable way to create a lifelong passive income stream is through investing.

Day 3 is all about the art of making money work for you by purchasing income producing assets.

You are going to create an investment strategy that suits your lifestyle and allows you to build yourself a future of financial freedom!


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  • Grow the mindset for wealth
  • Discover the key strategies on how to grow your wealth
  • Learn how to setup and structure a profitable business
  • Become inspired from guest speakers about their personal journey
  • Plan out a pathway that suits your needs
  • Gain exclusive access to The Phoenix Group™
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