Three days that will change
your life forever!

If you are ready to take control of your life mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually then this event will not only teach you WHAT to do, but more importantly HOW to do it! JT is a Master Neurolinguistic Programming Coach that has helped hundreds of people overcome their biggest life obstacles!



An authority on the principles of success JT has helped hundreds of people from Australia and New Zealand make massive changes in their life through his events and online coaching.

From men and women wanting to increase the day to day happiness in their lives right through to high performance athletes. This event is three days of full immersion training that will give you a new way of life!

What is your life worth to you?



Ignite Your Passion

The biggest reason people fall short or are unhappy is because they have lost their passion. You’ll leave the event with a fire in your belly like never before!!

  • Empower: Go through a life changing visualisation process that will show you how incredible you truly are!
  • Believe: Turn your fears into the fuel that drives your passion by harnessing your inner power and walking across a bed of hot coals!
  • Energy: Learn the hidden science and methods to waking up everyday charging with enough energy to take on the world!

Become Superhuman

Every truly successful and fulfilled person on earth is connected to their soul at the deepest level.

  • Connect: Learn how to meditate in such a way that you are truly connected to the best version of yourself!
  • Manifest: Discover the art of manifesting and learn the exact process JT uses to set and achieve his goals!
  • Breakthrough: Using a hybrid form of Timeline Therapy™ you will be able to let go of any negative emotions from the past so you can then embrace the new future!

Access Your Infinite Power

You are connected to a source of Infinite Power. When you learn how to tap into it on command then life will never be the same again.

  • Expand: Over the three days you will grow physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually which means your life can NEVER be the same again!
  • Destiny: You will learn and the worlds most advanced techniques for taking control of your life and building a pathway to your ultimate destiny!
  • Flourish: The key to success is to DO what you KNOW, so JT has built the best system on Earth to make sure that once the event is over you continue to find success!

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Real experiences with John Templeton

Dani Sun
Mat Bankes
Erin Little
  • Thank you my friend for changing my life over the weekend!

    You will honestly never know how much it means to me and how you have changed my life!!

    I am a changed woman and it feels fucking awesome! Please let me know when your next Infinite Power™ weekend is so I can spread the word! x

    Karina Bombski
  • I just need to say a big fucking THANK YOU!

    You meant what you said at the free Fire Up™ event in Burleigh, I feel un-fucking stoppable and have had rushes of goodness all morning.

    I now have clear visions of my goals and I’m going all out to get them. Greatly appreciated!!

    What a fucking awesome weekend with great people. You truly are an empowering man with a lot to give. Much respect!


    Adam Klink

    Woke up a tad grumpy but MADE THE CHOICE to not be!!

    Did my morning routine. Including a beautiful self guided meditation and yoga (self love) session. Used my notes from weekend as my “book of life” for now.

    No doubt in my mind that I am a changed and wonderful woman!


    You are changing lives, thank you!!!

    Lizzie Schamps
  • A very heavy, emotional and eye opening weekend of learning!

    My perception of life, the world and myself has changed. If your serious about change then this is the science and the experience you need in your life!

    Thank you JT!!

    Marc Thomas
  • Hi JT,

    I Hope you're well.

    I am going great and getting better and better! Time line therapy had a huge impact on my perception. Going into sadness and the sudden death of my mother. I panicked when I felt the sadness leave like somehow I was attached to it. Your words “addicted to the suffering” entered my mind and it was probably the most powerful and ground breaking realisation to own that fact to enable me to release it. Now whatever pops up I’m like an efficient secretary filing “stuff” in my time line and relearning new lessons from old shit.

    My short term goal was obviously employment and today I have a job interview in a completely new industry with the potential for progression and growth rather than doing a semi circle round a barbers chair the way I have been for 20 years. I could never think too far ahead and now there is a dream “job” that serves to empower that wont leave me alone and it excites me!

    Exciting new beginnings!!

    Cindy Lee
  • This past weekend I was truly grateful to share this space with some inspirational people.

    Without your guidance and reassurance I would have still been in the mindset that the beliefs set in me from my past define who I am and that’s simply not the case! I am in control of my future!

    I’m filled with so much love and happiness because I took the step to move closer to my true self and I can’t thank you enough for guiding me on this journey. I am blessed in more ways than I could have ever imagined. You are an inspiration and a guiding light with what you do!

    If anyone needs to take this step JT is 110%the person that will take you there!

    Shel Elizabeth
  • Hey JT!

    Just spent the last 3 days in the Bush, what a perfect time to reflect on an amazing weekend. Thank you so much, you have literally spun my life upside down and ignited something inside!!

    David Snowdon
  • I have really needed this week to digest what happened over my weekend!

    I am a person whose mind wanders after short spurts of interaction and I was just about to spend two full days of in-depth content, how the heck am I supposed to stay engaged the entire time!

    Saturday night I didn’t get home until 11:30pm, Sunday followed up with another insane day with me not getting home close to 1am. Then I walked straight into a full on week within our business but I freaking LOVED IT!

    Infinite Power, it absolutely blew every expectation I had and I surrendered to just opening myself to accept it all.

    We ended with each and every individual breaking through our limiting beliefs we have of ourselves, the entire room was screaming with joy, the energy was electric. Still to this day nearly a week later, I’m waiting for my voice to fully return.

    I am literally a brighter, better version of myself excited for life to deliver everything I know I am worth of.

    Thank you JT Performance Coach!

    Benay Aiomanu